Tape data loss commonly happens due to backup failures, software problems, tape drive failure, physical damage, and overwritten tape media. After software upgrades, new application or servers sometimes fail to read data on tape. In cases of physical tape damage, data loss occurs because of broken tapes and natural disasters like flood or fire. Corruption causes loss of data when there are operational errors, unintentional overwrites that result from inserting or formatting the wrong tape, improper handling of the tape, and expired tapes.

These are all complex situations that require the in-depth knowledge and experience of trained specialists. More than simply replacing components, tape recovery experts retrieve tape media by using recovery tools and tested recovery procedures. They perform tape recovery in cleanroom environments.

Tape data recovery services include meticulously dismounting, examining, and processing tapes and tape drives. Qualified data recovery engineers use proprietary tools to read around the damaged areas when data loss happened due to physical media damage. They also image tapes immediately to acquire a copy of the data from the damaged tape, making sure that the most comprehensive data recovery is performed to retrieve tape data successfully. After recovering data, they securely transfer tape media to a new system.

A reliable data recovery provider has invested in a large inventory of tape drives and cutting-edge recovery tools that allow recovery specialists to get back lost data from tape devices. The company’s team of experienced recovery professionals are well versed in handling various types of tape formats, such as AIT, DDS, DAT, LTO, and DLT. They are fully knowledgeable about data backup formats and compression for Symantec Backup Exec and Windows NT Backup among others. They know how to deal with logical tape problems and physical tape problems, and they use data migration to transfer data from one system to another when necessary. Another service provided by data recovery firms is tape conversion, which is the process of moving data from backup tapes to another medium.

Many people attempt to perform data recovery on their own without knowing that they may actually lose the data entirely. To prevent further damage, it is important to contact an experienced and trusted data recovery company with qualified specialists and labs that are equipped with data recovery resources.