Yes, this is no rumor no more. Microsoft Partners Free Backup of Cloud Data has partnered with the award winning cloud management company (SkyKick) to offer Azure IUR (internal use right) SkyKick cloud back up which is free.

 It has offered back up for one drive, office 365, SharePoint. Its major intention is to aid in the cloud business and help in the shift to the cloud, as we all know the cloud computing services are running the business town. It is meant to cater for about 5000 partners.

This application has unlimited storage, instant recovery and cloud to cloud back up. It has added an advantage to the Microsoft software: it has a very fast search and to restore data you only need to just click one button.

 It is as easy as it seems. It has unlimited backup for your business data. This is a big opportunity for the business men to build their revenue and increase their chances of success in the business world.

 The beauty is, it is very available for Microsoft supporters globally that is: United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and they are expecting more European countries to join. 

All you got to do is activate the Azure IUR SkyKick and set up your azure Storage tenant.

 Then register for easy access to SkyKick backup then start using it. Remember this offer is valid till June 30th 2016. 

There will be a migration from SkyKick suites to Microsoft office suites. The SkyKick will provide office 365 migration suites solution, and guess what, it will be free too! This will be made possible through Microsoft Office 365 IUR program.

 This cloud services offer is an innovative product which is efficient, risk free and more profitable, this was said by SkyKick Co-CEO Evans Richmann in a meeting. It is meant to build a business platform for your success. 

It basically recovers data instantly. Ensuring that every business man can concentrate on more important issues hence taking their business to a new level. 

It also has terms and conditions that one need to read, for instance, the offer is not meant to back up the third party, the offer is for the Microsoft company email accounts.

 This offer is only meant for Registered Microsoft partners with eligible Azure IUR licenses. June 30th is the deadline of ordering a backup. It should also be noted that the company’s domain should match the domain you used to register with SkyKick if not you are disqualified from the offer. 

It has strong security and one should not fear using it. It comes with high level of encryption and one cannot be able to hack in. It will also reduce cost as well as satisfy many customers. 

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