Many people do not really realize the potential that their computer has. When you purchase a new computer, you are typically buying it for work, school or gaming. Gaming is what the computer is typically used for the most. There are millions of gamers out there as we speak, which is why the gaming market is booming right now. In order to get a computer that works at a higher speed for your games you need a new system or should upgrade the one you have-right? Luckily for you there is a secret that will allow you to get your computer up to speeds that you never even dreamed about!
Overclocking is a method that is used in order to make the computer a lot faster. Now there are several programs and products that you can waste your money on to make your computer faster. But, if you take a look at a new set of secrets you should be able to get your computer going at unbelievable speeds! Think of all of the gaming that you could be doing if your computer ran just a bit faster-or a LOT faster.

5 things you can do to tun up your computer

Run a full anti-virus scan – If a virus has infiltrated your system, you need to run a full scan to kill it. Viruses can severely slow down your PC’s performance. If you already have anti-virus software on your system, you should download the most up-to-date virus definitions from the vendor and manually run a thorough system scan. This is the most common approach to performance tuning Windows.
Run a full anti-spyware scan – Viruses are similar to spyware. Both infiltrate your PC through means of stealth and both exist purely for malicious intent. But both accomplish different things. (Viruses are intent upon destroying your system whereas spyware exists with the purpose of stealing information from you or spying on you.) Spyware is a huge memory hog in part because it is constantly making connections to the Internet to send or receive data from unscrupulous websites. It can literally cripple your PC. Spyware is one of the most common problems that can be easily combated by performance tuning Windows.
Defragment your computer hard drive – As your PC writes data to the hard drive, it looks for whatever available spots it can before committing it to disk. Oftentimes, this data is not stored in one contiguous location on the physical disk. This means that your PC has to jump around from one point hard disk to the other in order to retrieve the data recovery . Disk defragmentation shuffles all of the data on your hard disk so that it is contained in contiguous blocks. This greatly reduces disk delays and greatly improves your system performance.
Run a firewall on your PC – A firewall is necessary in this day and age of 24-hour Internet access. Unfortunately, not everyone out there plays by the rules. There are people who are intent upon hacking into other people’s machines all the time. And now, with wireless networks, it is becoming easier for unauthorized people to gain access to your computers at home. The title of “hacker” conjures up images of some teenage computer genius in some exotic foreign country anonymously breaking into your computer. With open wireless networks, it is easy for even your next door neighbor with average computer knowledge to gain access to your PC without you ever knowing it. A firewall is designed to block unauthorized access to your PC from the outside world.
Run a registry repair scan – The Windows registry is the master database that stores all of the information about all of the hardware and software that has ever been installed on your system. Over time, this database can grow very large, and errors can creep up within the database. Because your operating system and most of your application programs depend on this database, your computer can freeze up, run very slowly, or even crash ad reboot, if searches against this database become unoptimized. A registry repair utility can scan your registry for errors, fix them, and optimize the registry. Performing a registry repair scan, can, itself, buy you a significant performance increase. If you need a quick and easy approach to performance tuning, a registry repair scan can cure many of your PC’s ills.
Performance tuning Windows can be done easily at home. No need to take your PC to the repair shop or even to call one of those computer technician services that make house calls. All the tools you need are right at your finger tips.

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