The popularity of tablet PCs is on the rise. But it was not as much welcome when it was launched a few years ago. Tablet PCs are placed between laptops and PCs and can be best described as a hybrid of the notebook and the PC. As it happens with any new launch, the number of skeptics was more than the adventurous few who dared to take a plunge to test the new product that spoke volumes about convenience, comfort and efficiency. How long would it last was the question doing the rounds then, but now tablet PCs have proved its worth and have become strong contender for a permanent place along with smartphones, laptops and PCs. Tablet PCs have the power of satisfying the needs of all kinds of computer users as it comes with a host of advantages that encourages others to opt for it.


Laptops and notebooks are no doubt portable but tablet PCs are placed a notch above as it is lighter than its compatriots.  Tablet PCs can be handled single handedly, both literally and figuratively and this makes it outscores laptops and notebooks on this count. Its size is just too convenient to carry it like a bigger mobile phone and can be tucked in the pocket of your coat or jacket giving you the convenience of carrying a computer with you always even when you are away from work. Students especially have to carry much lesser load as all their exercise books are now replaced by a single tablet. The enormous flexibility of the gadget makes it a great choice for business users as presentations can be made on the go.


The size and dimensions of tablet PCs is just right for being held in one hand as you can enjoy sharing the screen with others or read something more conveniently with the screen size facilitating better viewing of texts and images. Its light weight makes it attractive for keeping it with you as a constant companion and the rotating screens of some models makes it stand out from the rest when it comes to screen sharing.


Carrying a tablet PC will give you as much confidence as you would get from using your PC. Almost everything that you can do on your PC can be replicated in the tablet version thus giving you the satisfaction of wholesome computing experience while you are on the move. You can now make presentations, take notes and record conversations while you are moving around and become more smart and effective in business communication that speeds up the process of decision making.


Even when you are relaxing and enjoying movies, music or games you are sure of getting a much more satisfying experience that your smartphone with this elegant device that has the power to make things happen in your favor in the manner you want it to happen. You are guaranteed of much better user experience with this little device that is packed with enormous potential.