Hacker is a term used to describe a very controversial type of work. Some may consider a hacker to be an intruder while others will see that person as very resourceful. What we all agree on is that a hacker is a person with a high level of skill. A hacker is able to penetrate secure systems. This can expose the weaknesses and help the owners to make adjustments to secure it properly. Every year an event known as hacktacularhackers from all walks of life are invited.


The hackers will endure a weeklong exercise that will test their hacking abilities. Data Analyzers are the organizers of the event in an approach, trying to find the most qualified individual to join their team of experts. The event is open to everyone who thinks is capable of handling and the challenge and you have to do to become a part of it is to sign up on their website.

After the week is over, each of the top, three participants receive an award. All three of them get a chance to join a team of data recovery experts, but one of them will eventually fill the position the organizers we are looking to fill. Being just tech savvy will not just cut it at such an event because most of the individuals that take up the challenge are very qualified technology junior experts. So if you believe in yourself to worthy of such a challenge, prepare yourself.

Why Host Such Events Like Hacktacular

With most organizations and individuals are using data a lot while carrying out their businesses, data tends to get lost due to various reasons. This has created a high demand for data recovery services. Companies that offer data recover services need persons with good skills. This is because data recovery is a risky business. Sometimes one is not able to recover data, but may cause further damage to the storage media. To avoid such cases, the competence of the person recovering data should be extra sharp.

The hacktacular is one place that employers can test the skills of the candidates before giving them a job. The police department can outsource data recovery services and the company to perform forensics on certain computers. The data recovered on such tasks is extremely vital and can damage the reputation of a company if one of the workers does a poor job.

The challenges at hacktacular will force an individual to think outside the box while trying to solve the problems that exist in the real world. This brings out a sense of creativity and innovativeness, which is essential while working in a data recovery company. Recovering data do not apply to computers only, even on handheld devices like phones and cameras. This has greatly expanded the market for data recovery companies. A hacker should use his set of skills in a positive way. By doing so, he becomes a better person. Sign up if you are ready for it.