For online shoppers, when it comes to buying anything related to computer hardware and software the choice is between Amazon and Newegg. Although there are other shopping options, with many more online retailers dealing in computers, these two companies rule the marketplace as undisputed leaders. Newegg was born to deal exclusively in computers and has carved a special identity for themselves making their name synonymous with online computer sales, whereas Amazon is also a large scale on retailer of computers and related products but it does not have the exclusive identity of dealing in computers only because it deals in almost all kinds of merchandise you see under the sun. But still, the question of choosing the better among the two might crop up now and then and this is really a very difficult question to answer.

Evaluating the experience of shoppers is the only way to judge how good these companies are in meeting the expectations of shoppers and the feedback can be used as pointers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the companies. But, the onus of deciding which is better would surely depend on you.


  • Shipping – The logistics support system is robust and user friendly that enables online tracking of shipments by buyers during transit almost till the last minute of its delivery.
  • Lower price – Buyers in some states enjoy lower price as Newegg does not charge sales tax in these states.
  • Return policy – Newegg’s return policy is very user friendly and gives complete peace of mind to customers who enjoy smooth and hassle free goods return services. Waiver of restocking fee and shipping fee in some cases makes the process more attractive.
  • Shipping charges – Most of the items are shipped free, thus lowering the overall price.
  • Computers only – Being exclusive dealers for computers they offer detailed reviews and specifications that make buying decision easy.


  • Firm price – The price of Amazon products are kept firm for 30 days that gives buyers more elbow room to decide and they are assured of the same price no matter even if shipping is slightly delayed.
  • New or used – Amazon allows you to select new or used products according to your preference thereby widening your options of matching your budget.
  • Saving options – For buyers of assorted items who are interested in computers too, Amazon offers overall great deals that effectively results in good savings for buyers even though there might not be special prices for computers alone.
  • Packing – The quality of packing is much superior and safe delivery is assured for most items.
  • Shipping – Shipping is very fast and you receive the ordered items in a very short time.

Although the high points have been mentioned, there are some lows too for each company which is only obvious. But those are minor aberration which happens only to prove the rule, hence not considered here. Both the companies have loyal customers and you should decide on whom you would like to repose your faith as a buyer for computers after judging the experience of other buyers.